Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The garden, Carmel Mission.

Blissful Artist has tagged me with the following instructions:

1. Link the person who has tagged you
2. Tell seven honest things about yourself
3. Tag seven new people
4. Leave a message with the persons you have tagged so they know about it

Here goes with the seven honest things...

I absolutely hate the way I look. I tell people I am camera shy but in reality I'm just terrified of seeing myself. I avoid mirrors and reflections in shop windows and my idea of hell is finding myself in a hotel room with mirrored wardrobes or (horror or horrors!) lots of big mirrors in the bathroom!

I read faster than anyone else I have ever come across.

I once sunbathed topless for chocolate (in Austria) by a lake where no-one else was topless!

I once broke P's alarm clock by throwing it against the wall in a fit of temper. When he noticed it was broken I blamed the baby (who was about 10 months old at the time). I have confessed to both of them since and I doubt the "baby" will ever forgive me.

I need a hug RIGHT NOW.

I once heard God speak to me. Although I call myself a Christian, I am not overtly religious and do not attend church right now. However, once, in a time of great need, I believe I heard His voice - and he said "You are not alone".

I took five attempts to pass my driving test because I couldn't reverse around corners. I only ever managed it once in my life - on my sixth test!

Please go and visit the Blissful Artist if you have the chance...she is new to blogging and her site is full of wonderfully creative things to admire!


Anna said...

Hi Julie! happy October 2nd! :) Or is it the third where you are! Hehehe.

Is Natalya OK? Let me know.

Faye Pekas said...

Beautiful garden and thanks for letting us more intimately into your world by sharing about youself. You are a brave soul :)

picperfic said...

nothing like sunbathing topless! I love to! hah again!! I wish I could give you a hug J, you look lovely to me....wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself. xx

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi CJ,

Well you are tagged many times, or more often, good you can read fast, I am not gonna visit others (blissfull) I like you more ha!


photowannabe said...

Here's hugs for you CG.
I admire your honesty and way of telling us about yourself.
Great picture of the mission too.

Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful garden.
I admire your honesty.
Good shot.

Mafia Wife said...

{{{hugs}}} x 100

Miss you all, wish you were here again!

Don't worry, lots of people have trouble with that darned driving test :)

Topless sunbathing???? Oooo la la! What an adverterous gal you are!!!

RUTH said...

#1 and #2 sound similar to mean. #3! made me smile :o) Really interesting "secrets" you've told us here.
Here's the {{HUG}}

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo and I enjoyed reading your answers.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi my dear Julie

A Big HUGH for you!!:)

have a happy and creative weekend:)

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey julie, you won my give away.

Please e-mail me your address and I will send you the gardenin spiration card I made.


Akelamalu said...

First of all here's a ((HUG))

Fancy blaming the baby! LOL

I sunbathed topless for a dare - if chocolate had been on offer I'd have paraded!

CG said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments and of course the HUGS :) I am deeply ashamed of the alarm clock incident!!

LOL at Akelamalu :)

Anna said...

Can I send you a flower pic that you might be able to identify?

I am at a lost trying to figure it out.



Anna said...

I just posted it on my site. Thanks!

Anna said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I actually thought it would take longer than that! You're good!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Julie, thanks so much for your diligent visits to my blog even though I have been neglecting you. I have some reading to catch up on during the winter months LOL. Wonderful shots, I didnt read all the stories will catch up there later but I love the fireworks ones and the sunset trail.

Always in my thoughts (((Hugs)))


JAM said...

I love the mission photo.

I'm a semi fast reader too. I've never learned to speed read, but I can easily knock out a novel per day when I'm in the groove. It drives my wife nuts. No matter how interesting her book is to her, she falls asleep when reading. Books keep me awake. A good page turner is interesting enough to me to miss most of a night's sleep now and then. Plus, fast reading means I can read more books. So many books, so short a life.