Thursday, September 13, 2007

Incy wincy spider...

This beauty has taken up residence between a pyracantha I've got growing in a pot and the sitting room window ledge. I decided to try to photograph him so got the macro lens and my lovely new tripod. It was a bit too windy for perfect sharpness and I was shaking from fear he'd actually TOUCH me (eeek) so not as sharp as I'd hoped but I'm posting it anyway because I enjoyed taking photos again - have not used the Nikon since I came back from the US.

I am at work, on my lunch break, and not feeling at all well! Roll on 7.30 and home time!


Akelamalu said...

Great shot, even if you were shaking! Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good. x

RUTH said...

I've some of his cousins in my garden :o) Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well....hopefully the next few hours will pass quickly.

artisbliss said...


JAM said...


I'm a big guy, but can be turned into a squealing sissy when one of these gets on me.

Nice shot, but I think I disagree with the "beauty" term.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hey dear CJ,
A HUGH and another HUGH, take care my dear (btw I am OK now!),

So whats a Tripod?????
I know what a macro lens is but I am just interested what kind do you used for this shot?

Great shot that why I wanna know. I HATE SPIDERS eeerhhh!

Take care dear CJ :) JoAnn

Memories Catcher said...

I´m back.

Great shot.I like the colors and the details.Baeautiful spider.

Mafia Wife said...

I would be scared too! We get them big ol' things outside this time of year... and as long as they stay outside, I'm good.

Very cool photo and bravo for your bravery to get that close!