Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh dear, oh dear, where did my morning go? I was awake early enough but decided to have a little lie in and a read in bed as I'd stayed up late last night to phone K. Shea settled in for a cuddle and I got absorbed in my Ruth Rendell mystery...I actually got up at 9 and still in my jammies got a curry ready for the slow cooker. Then I decided to check my email...comment on a few a little work on the far, so good. THEN..big mistake - I decided to look at the photos on my remaining SD card from the California trip. That was when time ceased to have any meaning and I suddenly realised it was gone 12 and I still wasn't dressed!

The photo above was taken on 17 Mile Drive, CA. I didn't notice the girl in the red top at the time but I think she adds something to the photo. It's another one taken (mistakenly) at too high an ISO - what an idiot I was, I'm still cursing myself for that!

Well, must get dressed as it's almost time to leave for RDA. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


mrsnesbitt said...

I know the feeling......lost mornings! I came here to fix my printer! It is still broken! LOL!

RUTH said...

I get lost DAYS! I always get up early but the day just drifts by and suddenly it's dark again!!!
Love your photo...even if the ISO (whatever that is) was wrong :o)

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Well I am glad that you got some stuff done and relaxed.

Hope you enjoy shooting the wedding, I used to stress over them when I shot them, can't say that I enjoyed doing them at all.

I bet Shea has learned a lesson about climbing out of the window LOL, poor moggy.

Eeeeeewww spiders. We used to get what were called rain spiders in South Africa in the houses. They were very big about 6 inches from tip of leg to tip of leg sometimes and they were normally in pairs. Just thinking about them makes me shiver.

Hope all is well. (((Hugs))))


dot said...

I think the older you get the faster the days go by!
That's a beautiful photo. I clicked to enlarge and I agree about the girl in the red top.

JAM said...

As an engineer, we need technical terms for even the most mundane and common of situations.

I came up with one for lost time while computing, "lost in the keyboard time vortex."

Still a beautiful shot and the person in it adds a bit of scale.

I've been thinking of buying the software program called Noise Ninja, because I occasionally shoot at high ISO (some on purpose, some by accident) and want to improve the photos.

Have you seen any test shots at high ISO for the newly announced Nikon D3? I've never really wanted a top of the line camera because of the size and weight but this looks to be the most amazing low light digital ever.

Here's a link to a shot taken with a preliminary D3 at 3200 ISO (!!). This picture at 3200 iso is SO GOOD that it has me lusting for a $5000 camera. And that's just plaing silly in my world.

JAM said...

Sorry, but on that link I left above, you'll have to scroll down until you see a post entitled "Me and My D3" and the picture of a blonde girl in a red shirt leaning back on a bar. There's basically no noise as we are accustomed to right now, in this photo at 3200 ISO. Blows my mind.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Cj ,
I kno what you mean by 'a lost morning' however when I react on emails from blogreaders ( I do not answer the all at the same time can't!) than the time flies away..

When You call someone, its not a loose, cause you call that person instaed of meet him/her? You have to keep your contak's 'on hight'.

Do you mind being dressed aroud 12? I don't Or I wouldn't if I were you, as long a it feels okwith yourself?

So like today I went out to photograph and just being outdoors was so great, I want to enjooy the sun also as long as it is possible, its autumn so all sun I enjoy.

Have a good week:) JoAnn