Sunday, September 09, 2007

We made a flying visit to my sister in law's home in Cherry Burton, Yorkshire, this weekend. It's her daughter's weddding I'm photographing in October. We had a really lovely time, and this morning some of us went to church to hear the banns read before a wonderful pub lunch and a short drive around the area.

The church above is in South Molton and has an exceptionally tall spire - 208 feet! It can be seen for miles. Inside it's very lovely. I only had the compact with me so the interior shot is very grainy but I liked the way the light slanted across the tiled floor of the central aisle...

The second church is the one where my niece is getting married amd it's really pretty. I am just hoping I can do a good job for her. She and her fiance are a really great couple and they deserve decent photos.

Anyway, has been a long and busy weekend so I'm off to bed.


artisbliss said...

I envy you your fine old church architecture. Beautiful and inspiring. Glad you had a successful weekend.

photowannabe said...

Absolutely beautiful churches. I know you will do a great job photographing the wedding.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi CJ,
Sleep well and thake your rest, Anyway nice shots I like the inside shot of the Church ( good choice of your niece!) glass in steel window...what a tal church wow!

Have a good day ( after you leave your bed) Bye JoAnn :)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi CJ,
Thanks for your compliments, you are such a seetheart Julie HUGHS!

I also red you "congrats" , that was the same award (But Isabella, who gave me this award, sended me the picture which is belonging with the animal-award) But tHANKS again ,

You really deserve that THANKYOU award (I gave you) you're always so kind! :)
:) JoAnn

Akelamalu said...

That shot of the inside of the church is lovely and the church itself is so beautiful. I'm sure they'll be overjoyed with their wedding photographs. :)

picperfic said...

the photo of the Church interior is beautiful...what ISO did you use? Will the vicar let you use flash? Nikon's do go grainy at high ISOs. But it is better to get the shot without flash but with some grain than not at all ;^) Good luck with the wedding!

RUTH said...

Love the churches....look forward to seeing some of your photos of the big you're taking the photos I guess you'll have to cut down on the toasts to the bride and groom ;O) I've no doubt you'll do them proud.

JAM said...

The church shots are amazing, especially the indoors one.

I have a wedding to shoot in less than two weeks. I love AND hate doing them. I've shot in the church before, but I think I might make a trial run before then and try some new things.