Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October 1st!

Well, so here we are in October! it's hard to believe summer is behind us. I'm glad we escaped to the sunshine in America as there wasn't that much here at home in north-west England! Here are two more Bodega Bay photos - one of P and D flying D's new kite and one of my favourite shop in Bodega Bay - Candy & Kites. They sell wonderful kites and streamers as well as THE BEST salt-water taffy!

A bought me a couple of streamers for my birthday present (you can see one HERE)
on my gardening blog. I'd bought an identical one three years previously but it had perished after too much British wind and rain! The owners of this shop are so pleasant and friendly...if you are ever in the area go and see them! There are other kite stores in Bodega Bay but this is THE BEST!

I got my plants sorted today - well, most of them. Still one "Lily of the Nile" to find a spot for. I also put away my summer clothes and got out my winter ones. I always like to see my "other season" clothes again after 6 months absence; they look newer to me than if I'd just left them hanging in the wardrobe along with the others; It's also a good time for my twice yearly wardrobe purge of all my "mistakes" and the stuff I bought hoping it would make me look good (when of course it didn't!)I should never expect miracles but of course hope springs eternal....!

I am trying to spend less time on the computer. The trouble with broadband (DSL) is that I tend to switch the PC on first thing and leave it on. Not only is that wasteful of electricity but it eats up my day. I just stop "for a minute" to check mail; before I know it an hour has passed with nothing really to show for it.... Last Wednesday I didn't even turn on the computer until early evening and I got so much more done that day! I'll always love the Internet but I'm trying to be more focused in my use of it...less mindless surfing....LOL let's see how long that lasts!!


Faye Pekas said...

Happy Oct 1st back at ya :)

The candy and kite shop looks wonderful.

I find that I get a lot more done when I stay off the computer during the day too. A whole day can go by and you don't even realize it.

photowannabe said...

That's the truth. I have lost many hours with nothing to show for it but a sore backside from just sitting.
Nice streamers too.

Mike said...

How nice to find another Brit. Your blog looks great!

RUTH said...

Great photos! I know what you mean about the Internet....I've been Googling all day for some homework info and just got carried away!

picperfic said...

the computer does waste the doubt about it, I could just get lost in blogland all day if I let myself, but I really have to set aside some time for my crafts! hah!

Love the kite photo at the top!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi My CJ,
Hapy oktober 1th also, May I ask why you celebrate that? Just wondering.... I always am curious to your habits..

I understand that you tr tospend less time behind the computer, I do some days by purpose, Like yesterday I did....

Take care CJ :)

JAM said...

I love seeing kites on the beach. There are shops close to the beach here that sell many different kinds and consequently we see many unusual ones when we visit the beach.