Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I haven't blogged for a few days; I've been so busy and so hot!

Sian returned from Berlin; she really enjoyed her trip but I have my doubts as to how educational it was! She was very vague about what she'd seen and done and I don't think she spoke much German!

Big excitement in my little world; I have a new fridge! The old one was about 14 years old and well past its prime. The trouble is, we have a very narrow alcove in our kitchen for the fridge to fit in so I needed to find a tall narrow replacement. That's not easy - I finally located the only tall narrow fridge in the country, I think!

The other thing I've been doing is dieting. I generally don't like or believe in diets. However I found one that quite appealed to me (the Harcombe diet)as it tackles food cravings which I have in abundance. It also focuses on eating unprocessed foods which I think is a good thing.

The first phase of the diet which lasts for five days is quite strict - I can only eat fish, meat, salad, eggs, vegetables, olives and natural yoghurt. No milk,bread, potatoes,chocolate, sugar, no caffeinated tea or coffee. Hmmm, it's been REALLY tough! The idea is to knock cravings on the head. After the initial five days, you can eat more normally but only unprocessed foods and in certain (easy) combinations. I have to say I am really excited about the prospect of eating shredded wheat for breakfast on Thursday! This phase lasts until you've lost any weight you want to, then you can return to eating normally but still avoiding processed foods.

I've realised how often I reach for food out of habit instead of hunger. If all you can eat is something you don't really WANT to eat, you don't eat it unless you are actually hungry!

I'm amazed I'm on Day 4 as I have zero will power! I'm also amazed how many foods have added sugar in them! It's everywhere - bread, curry paste, tinned ham, you name it! I have felt really lousy these four days. No energy and a permanent dull headache!

Off for a cup of herbal tea now....


Clarkey said...

Well done. I couldn't even start to contemplate life without caffeine!! Hope it works for you. I really should do something - I'm so fat and lazy at the moment :)

Dianne said...

I love that photo!!

congrats on the diet

and the fridge

mrsnesbitt said...

We all need a break now and again!
Good stuff!

cheshire wife said...

When we first got married we bought a fridge/freezer from John Lewis which when it was delivered would not fit into the space designated for it. John Lewis weren't very happy about taking it back, but we ended up having to buy a more expensive one.

Good Luck with the diet. Hope it is worth the headache!

Akelamalu said...

I can tell you what the headache is - detoxing from caffiene! I know because I did the Atkins diet some years ago and had a headache for a month because I was drinking decaf tea and coffee. The good news is I never went back to caffeinated drinks. :) Good luck with the diet, sounds like you're determined which makes a big difference. I've lost 18lbs since January 7th by being determined. :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Educational trips aren't meant to be educational in that sense are they? They are there to enjoy a little spell away from all the norms of life and to look back on years later with nostalgia. So long as she enjoyed it! :-)

photowannabe said...

Bravo for you Julie. The headaches are from the withdrawl. Its like when I go without my morning coffee for too long.
You are doing great and I bet the pounds will fall off of you. I'm just not so dedicated. I try but I guess, not that hard (:0)