Saturday, March 03, 2007


Another feather duster shot here!

I just counted 20 frogs in our pond, and that's not counting the ones that disappeared before I could count them!! Where have they all come from? Have they been lurking in the pond all winter? I'm intrigued.

Just an ordinary Saturday here. We've been shopping and I'm about to help K make a swiss roll.

I got a remote release for my camera on Thursday. It's the coolest little gadget and it works well.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Kaycee said...

What a creative idea to photograph a feather duster! The different textures really stand out. I like this photo in b & w.
I hope that you are having a good weekend!

picperfic said...

another lovely shot! We've got a remote shutter release somewhere....I'm usually too impatient to get the tripod out and rely on the VR on my favourite lens, it doesn't always work out as i want though. I'm still fragile from my migraine, it keeps coming and going and wearing me out! Still I think I'm on the mend, Barry is cooking tea and it smells delicious! I hope its not too wet tomorrow, I want to get out with my camera!

AB said...

Beautiful! I want one too..... they are so luxurious-looking (funny thing to say about an object designed for cleaning the house, I know - I'm just weird!).

Enjoy the remote release - I have an infrared remote for my D50 and use it every time my camera's on the tripod, which is all the time for indoor shots and becoming more and more often for my outdoor ones, too!

{{{HUGS}}} Enjoy the rest of your Saturday - may I please have some swiss roll? :)


Carmi said...

I can practically feel the texture of this shot. What a photographic vision you have!

I wish I had a frog answer for you. I'm similarly stumped by the biological, but I'm always happy to pull out my camera to capture whatever it is that the little critters are up to.


RUTH said...

I never realised a feather duster could look so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend yourself.

Anna said...

Fluffy is right. Nice shot.

RUTH said...

Don't know your email address so want to say here "Thank you for Mick's birthday card. Such an apt one with all the garden tool pictures on the front. Such a sweet thoughtand a lovely surprise. Mick was very alert this morning and able to really LOOK at his cards."
{{{hugs}}} fom Mick
and {{{hugs}}} from me

Memories Catcher said...

Interesting shot.I like it!Great composition and point of view.Good job!